the alliance

The Alliance

The Rangzen Alliance

The Rangzen Alliance is a movement of committed Tibetans and friends, world-over, who have joined together to provide a common platform of action for the realization of three goals:

  1. The restoration of Tibetan independence.
  2. The return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet as the sovereign head-of-state of an independent nation.
  3. The establishment of a fully democratic system of government in exile Tibetan society and in free Tibet – based on the rule of law and the primacy of individual freedom.

The Symbol of the Rangzen Alliance

The Flaming Sword of Manjusri (Bodhisattva of Wisdom) that cuts through the chains of ignorance, apathy and fear – liberating all beings.

Message from our (late) Senior Convening Member

It is heartening to see, time and again, that in spite of all that has happened to us since China first invaded Tibet, the overwhelming majority of Tibetans, young and old, stand firm for the simple goal for which so many of our countrymen laid down their lives: the restoration of Tibet’s rightful place as an equal member of the community of free and independent nations. For many years I have said that only Tibetan independence can serve as a safeguard for the preservation of our heritage, culture and national identity. Talk of “autonomy” masks a sad defeatism and an acceptance of the inevitability of China swallowing our country; it is unworthy of the descendants of the great Emperors (tsenpo) who made Tibet a powerful and enlightened state. I call on all Tibetans to join us and our brothers and sisters in Tibet, in the pure and sacred struggle to free our country.
Our time has come!

Thubten Jigme Norbu / Taktser Tulku
Former Abbot, Kumbum Monastery
Professor Emeritus, Indiana University, USA
23 November 2001

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