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Tibet’s Last Stand?
A book review
Jeff Bowe  |  Tuesday, Jan 5, 2010  |  No Comment
Tibet’s Last Stand?

Tibet‘s Last Stand? The Tibetan Uprising of 2008 and China‘s Response
Author: Warren W.Smith Jr
299 pages
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Year: 2010
Despite heightened international awareness of the situation inside Chinese occupied Tibet; the injustice, human rights atrocities, censorship …

Discussing Tibet, Without the BS
Jamyang Norbu  |  Tuesday, Aug 12, 2008  |  No Comment
Discussing Tibet, Without the BS

China’s Tibet? Autonomy or Assimilation
Warren W. Smith Jr.
Rowman and Littlefield. 313pp
For a book dealing with Sino-Tibetan relations Warren Smith’s new work takes an unusual standpoint. It refuses to assume the currently fashionable “a plague on …