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Articles tagged with: Dr. Lobsang Sangay

Lobsang Sangay: Chinese National?
Maura Moynihan  |  Monday, Apr 7, 2014  |  No Comment
Lobsang Sangay: Chinese National?

When Steven Spielberg recently announced that he is shifting his film production to a spanking new 2.5 billion dollar facility in Shanghai, one wondered if the director of Schindler’s List was briefed about the millions …

Tibetans in Exile – Passports or RC’s: Who Gets What?
Maura Moynihan  |  Sunday, Oct 28, 2012  |  3 Comments
Tibetans in Exile – Passports or RC’s: Who Gets What?

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has just completed a successful North American tour, where he was given honorary degrees by several colleges and gave many sold-out public talks. But looming over the celebrations was news …

Self-immolation and Buddhism
Jamyang Norbu  |  Tuesday, Jan 3, 2012  |  No Comment
Self-immolation and Buddhism

The Yiddish word “chutzpah”, pronounced “huspa”, has the exact same meaning as the Tibetan word “hamba”, and even shares a passing tonal quality to it. Leo Rosten, the humorist, defined chutzpah as “that quality enshrined …

“Right” of Passage
Tenpa Gashi  |  Saturday, Sep 24, 2011  |  No Comment
“Right” of Passage

Almost every society has a rite of passage, depending upon values and beliefs held by the said community, that marks an important transition for a person. Although it could be understood as any milestone in …

Some Truths about the Tibetan Government’s rebranding
Deconstructing official fallacies and disingenuous arguments
Christophe Besuchet  |  Friday, Aug 26, 2011  |  8 Comments
Some Truths about the Tibetan Government’s rebranding

Considering the strong resentment expressed by Tibetans toward the rebranding of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile as the “Tibetan People’s Organization”, it is surprising that this decision has not been further challenged. This is particularly remarkable if …

Lobsang Sangay’s wrong Churchill quote
Christophe Besuchet  |  Wednesday, Jun 1, 2011  |  One Comment
Lobsang Sangay’s wrong Churchill quote

I had not yet fully digested the scope of the Dalai Lama’s retirement when I was struck by a curious remarks made by Lobsang Sangay on BBC’s HARDtalk and NDTV’s Your Call. According to the …

Rethinking Katri – A Legal Battle?
Palden Gyal  |  Wednesday, Jan 26, 2011  |  2 Comments
Rethinking Katri – A Legal Battle?

The concept of democracy in exiled Tibetan community is as old as the history of exile itself. The parliamentary model of exile government is based on the principle of the “balance of power” that in …

The Namgyal Shastri Barbecue Grill
Tenpa Gashi  |  Wednesday, Jan 12, 2011  |  2 Comments
The Namgyal Shastri Barbecue Grill

So, you think you are a politician? That should be the name of his show keeping it on par with all the primetime show running these days on the television but for some odd reason …

The Young King and the Sea
Tenpa Gashi  |  Thursday, Nov 25, 2010  |  2 Comments

I was sipping on a drink in Goa,
away from all the silliness,
wading in the warm ocean,
I was minding my own business.
Two fish swam up to me
moving with the ocean sway,
they took a long look at …

The culling and the show down at Gangkyi Corral
Tenpa Gashi  |  Thursday, Nov 18, 2010  |  6 Comments

An observation of the recently concluded preliminary election by a Tenzing Tethong supporter. I tried to be as objective as possible but if anybody finds it overly one-sided, you know which department you can forward …