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‘I will carry the sky’
Bhuchung D. Sonam  |  Friday, Oct 4, 2013  |  No Comment
‘I will carry the sky’

Review of A Home in Tibet by Tsering Wangmo Dhompa
Published by Penguin India. Price: Rs.499
‘I come from there and I have memories / I have a mother /And a house with many windows…’ writes one …

New Tibetan Political Journal Launched
The Tibetan Political Review  |  Wednesday, Jul 7, 2010  |  No Comment
New Tibetan Political Journal Launched

A new online journal, The Tibetan Political Review (TPR), has been launched at www.TibetanPoliticalReview.org. At a time when Tibetans are beginning to choose their next Kalon Tripa (Prime Minister), this journal aims to advance constructive …

Tibetan Writers Participate in Asia’s Biggest Literary Festival
Web Chowkidar  |  Monday, Jan 25, 2010  |  No Comment
Tibetan Writers Participate in Asia’s Biggest Literary Festival

Dharamshala [Tibet.net]: The issue of Tibet was featured as one of the theme at Asia’s biggest literary festival being held at Jaipur in western India from 21 -25 January.
Over 200 writers from 30 countries have …

Creative Resistance in Dharamshala
Web Chowkidar  |  Tuesday, Aug 19, 2003  |  No Comment
Creative Resistance in Dharamshala

August 19, 2003. Dharamshala: The Friends of Tibet (India), yesterday held a poetry reading session which also marked the launch of a magazine Creative Resistance printed and published for Friends of Tibet (India) by its …