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Imperial Twilight
A Tibetan Perspective on China after Deng Xiaoping
Jamyang Norbu  |  Jun 30, 1991  |  No Comment

Sometime in seventh century China, at the Tang capital Chang’an, the Tibetan envoy to the court asked for copies of Chinese classics. A worried Chinese minister supplicated the throne saying:
How can we give the contents …

Opening of the Political Eye
Tibet’s Long Search for Democracy
Jamyang Norbu  |  Nov 30, 1990  |  No Comment

Lu Xun, China’s greatest modern writer, occasionally had doubts about trying to open the eyes of the Chinese people to the reality of their situation. In a conversation with the editor of New Youth he …

The End of an Illusion
Jamyang Norbu  |  Aug 1, 1989  |  No Comment
The End of an Illusion

Despite an unassailable world record of cruelty, violence and despotism throughout its long history, China, like Molière’s monster hypocrite Tartuffe, has always managed to maintain a rather enviable gift of ever renewable plausibility — at …