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Grand Exploitation: The Dark Side of China’s Western Development Plan
Josh Schrei  |  Apr 28, 2001  |  No Comment

In October, 2000, an international economic conference was held in Beijing. Among the invited guests: Oil company representatives, World Bank executives, members of the media, Chinese Communist party officials, and a host of international businessmen …

Return of the Referendum
Jamyang Norbu  |  Aug 9, 2000  |  No Comment

Like the Children of Israel wandering through the desert to the Promised Land, we Tibetans have often been diverted from our goal by “golden calves” and false gods of one kind or another: genuine autonomy, …

Beyond Textbooks!
Lhasang Tsering  |  Jul 30, 2000  |  No Comment

This article was originally published on
* * *
I am glad to see that a few people have read my article- ‘India’s Tibet: A Case For Policy Review’. If the few responses that it has …

India’s Tibet: A Case for Policy Review
Lhasang Tsering  |  Mar 20, 2000  |  One Comment
India’s Tibet: A Case for Policy Review

This article was originally published on The subject of this article, under the same title, formed the basis of a talk given in Bombay on 17 March 2000 as part of the week-long ‘Festival …

Oracle Bones
Random Speculations on China’s Future
Jamyang Norbu  |  Nov 1, 1999  |  No Comment

All conjecture on the future of China by even the most far-seeing of experts involves, of necessity, tremendous simplifications. It would appear that the human intellect is simply not equipped to deal with the unimaginable …

Enduring Phobias and Superstitions in Tibetan Society (Part 1)
Jamyang Norbu  |  Sep 1, 1999  |  No Comment

On a grey morning during the monsoon of 1976, the small town of McLeod Ganj, or at least the Tibetan part of it, experienced a curious upheaval. The event had everyone out in the narrow …

Bungled Bombing
Letter to the Editor
Jamyang Norbu  |  Jun 14, 1999  |  No Comment
Bungled Bombing

The rage of the Chinese at the NATO bombing of their embassy in Belgrade [17 May 1999], in contrast to their seeming resignation to the greater carnage and tyranny of their own leaders, brought to …

Silent Struggle
Tsongkha Lhamo Tsering (1924–1999)
Jamyang Norbu  |  Feb 1, 1999  |  No Comment
Silent Struggle

When I first arrived at the Resistance headquarters at Kelsang Phug in Mustang in July 1971, I was somewhat taken aback to come across a library. Granted, it was not much of a library. It …

Dalai Lama preparing “conciliatory” declaration on Tibet
Wangchuk D. Shakabpa  |  Nov 1, 1998  |  No Comment

Originally published on World Tibet Network News.
Dear Editor:
A recent article from the South China Morning Post, entitled Dalai Lama preparing ‘conciliatory’ declaration on Tibet (Oct. 28, 1998), causes me some great concern. According to this …

Rite of Freedom
The Life and Sacrifice of Thupten Ngodup
Jamyang Norbu  |  Aug 1, 1998  |  No Comment
Rite of Freedom

After the cremation of Thupten Ngodup, when the emotional crowd had finally marched back to McLeod Ganj, a few of us went to pay a visit to his house. It was a brief walk from …