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The Value Of Freedom, The Ugliness of Censorship: Google, the UFC, and China
Josh Schrei  |  Mar 27, 2010  |  No Comment

UFC President Dana White isn’t exactly going to win any PC awards anytime soon. The notorious spokesman for the rapidly-growing full contact martial arts empire is known for his tendency to speak first and think …

Back to Beijing?
Elliot Sperling  |  Mar 25, 2010  |  No Comment

Greetings to everyone, especially those of you also blogging here; it’s a real pleasure to have been asked to contribute to the blog portion of the site. I had intended to start with some more …

Meeting Vaclav Havel
Tenzing Sonam  |  Mar 21, 2010  |  No Comment
Meeting Vaclav Havel

We left Prague yesterday. The previous evening was the Closing Night ceremony of the One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival and a most memorable one for us. Not only did we receive …

Fuck You and Fuck Me
Topden Tsering  |  Mar 15, 2010  |  One Comment

Fuck you reality, for being so unevenly keeled, for setting different rules for different players, for making fairness the first casualty, for having pushed Tibet to the precipice and letting it just teeter over the …

Creative Defiance
Jamyang Norbu  |  Mar 10, 2010  |  No Comment
Creative Defiance

I listened to these funky hip-hop artists from Machu and it came through clear as day that the Chinese would never be able to sinicize our culture. Of course our culture has changed and will …

A Lie Repeated – The Far Left’s Flawed History of Tibet
Josh Schrei  |  Feb 27, 2010  |  4 Comments

“A lie repeated a hundred times becomes the truth.”
-Chairman Mao
As a lifelong activist who has worked on human rights issues around the globe, I hold the view that the best representatives of a culture are …

What Good It Does: A Response to A. Tom Grunfeld on the Obama – Dalai Lama Meeting
Josh Schrei  |  Feb 27, 2010  |  No Comment

Like an aging quasi-rock star who can’t help repeatedly playing that one hit that made him famous all those years ago, A. Tom Grunfeld always manages to revert to his perceived trump card on the …

Opinion: Tibetans make Gandhi proud
Tendor  |  Feb 10, 2010  |  No Comment

They might not be out marching on the streets, but Tibetans are quietly — and steadily — fighting for their rights.

I am Tibetan
Web Chowkidar  |  Feb 8, 2010  |  No Comment
I am Tibetan

Take a moment to watch this inspiring video from Amdo, Eastern Tibet, where Tibetans, young and old, declare the myriad ways they are Tibetan. Watch also this version subtitled in English by High Peaks …

Dipping a donkey-ear in butter-tea
Jamyang Norbu  |  Jan 30, 2010  |  No Comment
Dipping a donkey-ear in butter-tea

(Most Tibetans, it seems, want to celebrate Losar this year. I agree that a modest observance of our most important cultural holiday would not come amiss right now, no matter how grim our current situation …