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Tibetans in Nepal: The Lost Sanctuary
Maura Moynihan  |  Apr 5, 2012  |  One Comment
Tibetans in Nepal: The Lost Sanctuary

Tibetans in Nepal are caught in a crisis that is getting worse, fast.
In 2012 conflict inside Tibet has accelerated and the crackdown on Tibetans in Nepal has intensified. To date, at least 33 people have …

Tibet Burning: The Politics of Self Immolations
Topden Tsering  |  Apr 2, 2012  |  2 Comments
Tibet Burning: The Politics of Self Immolations

The string of self-immolations inside Tibet—started in 2009 by a Kirti Monastery monk Tapey and which most recently on March 30 claimed two monks in Barkham County—sees no sign of letting up. On the contrary, …

‘…the day has come to sacrifice your life’
Bhuchung D. Sonam  |  Mar 28, 2012  |  One Comment
‘…the day has come to sacrifice your life’

(This is my translation of the last written words of Pawo Jampel Yeshi, who has sadly passed away from burns at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi.)
16 March 2012
Long Live His …

I Will Burn Myself Again and Again
On Behalf of Our heroic Self-Immolators
Sungshik Kyi  |  Mar 24, 2012  |  No Comment

Translated by Om Gangthik — See Tibetan orginal

Are my grasslands still green?
Are my blue lakes still crystal clear?
Do my hills and streams still sing their melodious songs?
Great gods of Tibet,
Do you still see them in …

Sungshik Kyi  |  Mar 24, 2012  |  No Comment

— རང་སྲོག་མེ་མཆོད་ལ་སྒྲོན་པའི་དཔའ་བོ་དཔའ་མོ་དག་གི་ཚབ་ཏུ།

Raise the warrior’s sword, my fellow Tibetans
Bhuchung D. Sonam  |  Mar 14, 2012  |  No Comment

By Theurang or Tashi Rabten*
Translated from Tibetan by Bhuchung D. Sonam
Our courage is fading amidst stacks of religious texts
Our self-confidence is weakening under foreign occupation
My fellow Tibetans of the same blood and flesh
You …

Woeser: Losar Tashi Delek
Elliot Sperling  |  Mar 2, 2012  |  No Comment
Woeser: Losar Tashi Delek

There has been a bit of discussion here and elsewhere about the previous post, “Report from Lhasa,” with people commenting on whether this or that point in the report is wholly correct. Those interested in …

Report from Lhasa
Jamyang Norbu  |  Feb 21, 2012  |  7 Comments
Report from Lhasa

Someone I know who has just returned from Lhasa sent this to me. It is deeply troubling.
Jamyang Norbu
* * *
Report from Lhasa: February 18, 2012
I have just returned from Lhasa. Tibetans are disappearing; everyone is …

Dr. Pemba la – In Memorium
Tibet's First Western Doctor and Novelist
Dechen Pemba  |  Jan 13, 2012  |  2 Comments
Dr. Pemba la – In Memorium

(This obituary was written by Dr Pemba’s niece. A slightly shorter version appeared in The Times (London) on Thursday 12 January 2012. All Tibetans in the Kalimpong/Darjeeling area remember Dr. Pemba la with great respect …

Remembering Tapey
Elliot Sperling  |  Jan 9, 2012  |  11 Comments
Remembering Tapey

In the last item I posted on the Rangzen Alliance site I referred to a recent piece by Woeser. Having drawn on her comments for that post I think I would be doing her something …