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Elliot Sperling is on the faculty of Indiana University where he teaches in the Tibetan Studies program in the Department of Central of Eurasian Studies. He has written extensively on Tibetan history and Sino-Tibetan relations.

Shameless Self-Promotion Dept.
Monday, Apr 4, 2011 – 9:38 am | No Comment

The English version of my last post here, 圖伯特﹐Tibet 與命名的力量, is now online over at For Tibet, with love, the blog run by by Taiwan Xuan Gouzi 台湾悬钩子, aka Weimin Rose, who skillfully translated it …

Friday, Feb 25, 2011 – 4:55 am | No Comment

In the course of preparing a Chinese translation of the book Authenticating Tibet, edited by Anne-Marie Blondeau and Katia Buffetrille, the seemingly banal question of the Chinese name for Tibet turned out to be rather …

Art House
Sunday, Sep 26, 2010 – 1:11 am | One Comment
Art House

There was something terribly depressing about reading Tenzin Nyinjey’s recent response to Norbu Samphel—Norbu Samphel, readers may recall, had mounted a somewhat surreal defense of obscurantism and a cult of personality as essential elements of …

Thursday, Sep 23, 2010 – 12:19 am | One Comment


The History Boy
Thursday, Jun 24, 2010 – 11:54 am | 2 Comments
The History Boy

I’m going to assume that most people reading this post know who Barry Sautman is (and no, he’s not the one in the picture; that’s King George I and to see what he’s doing in …

Victimization and Guilt
Thursday, Apr 1, 2010 – 12:25 pm | No Comment

Jamyang, of course the strategy of victimhood is by now getting to be so transparently thin… and so common. Just yesterday the Wall Street Journal had a piece pointing out that in the U.S., the …

Back to Beijing?
Thursday, Mar 25, 2010 – 3:18 pm | No Comment

Greetings to everyone, especially those of you also blogging here; it’s a real pleasure to have been asked to contribute to the blog portion of the site. I had intended to start with some more …

Autonomy? Think Again
Monday, Jul 20, 2009 – 9:15 pm | No Comment

As if any further evidence were needed of the ways in which China has been running rings around the Dalai Lama and his government-in-exile, recent events have made the situation abundantly clear. Last November the …

China Digs in Its Heels in Tibet
Friday, Apr 3, 2009 – 8:52 pm | No Comment
China Digs in Its Heels in Tibet

In January, in a move little noticed outside Tibet-watching circles, China signaled its confidence in having outmaneuvered the Dalai Lama and his Tibetan government-in-exile on the Tibet issue. Beijing announced plans for an official holiday …

A Year After the March 2008 Protests
Is China Promoting Stability in Tibet?
Friday, Mar 13, 2009 – 9:09 pm | No Comment

Statement to Congressional-Executive Commission on China
I would like, at the outset, to express my gratitude to the Congressional-Executive Commission on China for inviting me to appear before you today. I have addressed this commission before …