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Jamyang Norbu and the Aliens from Outer Space

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yes, it is true. Jamyang Norbu has been visited by aliens from Centauri Republic in the Zeta system (See photo for proof positive). And no one knows why. Well, not for certainty that is. And just like any good conspiracy theory, there are many speculations regarding this. Some say it is a precursor to an invasion and they are studying our specie up close and personal, and he just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, jogging alone in the wooded area near his Tennessee home. It is believed that he has been repeatedly poked and experimented on and made to copulate with some strange human-alien hybrid creatures and then his memories erased thereafter. His wife would sometimes find him just standing in the middle of a cornfield at the wee hours of the night and he wouldn’t know how he got there. This particular incident is also believed to be occurring all over the world and the governments of the world are in a frenzy trying to figure out how to deal with this extraordinary threat to our civilization. There are whispers in the corridors of power that the rich and the famous have already made their escape plans and it is just a matter of time or that they have already made a deal with the said Aliens and ¾ of the world’s population are to be served as food for these creatures. Apparently, beef isn’t what is for dinner.

Others say it is his magnificent moustache that has begun almost a cult-like following in their home world and they have come to request a sample of his moustache and are willing to pay almost anything in return. It is rumored that he had inquired about the capability of their spaceship in teleporting vast numbers of people into outer space but unfortunately it appears this civilization’s prime directive is non-violence and non-interference. It isn’t clear who he had in mind when he made that inquiry but it appears to amuse him tremendously whenever that question is broached. And if he is sufficiently jack-Danielled, he is known to burst into fits of laughter. No one knows whether he was able to part with some of his steely moustache as a gesture of good faith and friendship but the general consensus is positive. In return, these good natured Aliens seem to have somehow brokered a deal (marking the first interstellar trade) with the makers of Jack Daniels and now an endless supply of this famous bourbon arrives every Friday at noon on his doorsteps.

Finally, there is a third school of thought out there, who believes that these aliens are the ones that actually created us and are now checking up on us to see if their creations have borne food (maybe not the right word, considering we have already discussed the appalling subject before). And these super aliens who have created us have selected some of the best amongst us to further enhance and educate, to act as guides for the next phase of the evolution. Perhaps they were tired of observing and waiting for us to evolve from the medieval mindset that they felt it necessary to give us a jolt, just in case we don’t end up destroying the whole world and ruining their experiment …creation! I meant creation. This will explain why he seems to have this uncanny instinct, almost supernatural awareness, of the world around him, and a natural aura of innate sensibility in his demeanor that others can’t help but be captivated by his deportment. Sometimes if it is sufficiently tuned up it sends shockwaves in sensitive areas and he had to be recalled back to dial down the enhancements. It appears to be a work in progress.

But what isn’t disputed is that he has indeed met the Centauries and some of them even hung out with him, posing as human beings. By sheer dumb luck, one of the people taking pictures on that day, happen to have one of those old Leica cameras with an antique lens and was able to capture the creature in its true form. What happens now is anybody’s guess. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure, we must never forget to put on our tin-foils from now on or risk the potential for abduction, whether friendly or otherwise. Unless, of course, you wished to be abducted and then by all means, please find a quiet wooded area and wander around. It is not a total guarantee but at the very least you will be much closer to nature and the fresh air doesn’t hurt.

Next Week’s Topic: Jamyang Norbu and The Argonauts. An exciting adventure by yours truly in the search for the Golden Fleece. Monday, 7PM EST, Children and Senior half priced. Popcorn machine is broken. Please accept our apologies in advance.

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  • avatar khamba2013 says:

    “Vested Interests That Controls Mans Destiny, Disclosure By Paul Hellyer at UFO Conference.” Yo, Y’all check the link below for some real interesting information documented. The world ain’t “flat” no more & may help open eyes for those full of sarcasm & critics. Live & learn!

  • avatar JRinaldi says:

    Jamyang la, do you DO anything anymore or just write and pose with aliens? 15 years ago you and Pema Bum represented a clear alternative voice and were my heroes.

    Some Western situation has made you comfortable, is my guess.

    My teams will be up at Rasuwaghadi, the Lharke La and Kodari getting beat up by corrupt Nepali cops, but you keep doing what you’re doing, ok?

    Maybe a leader with some spine will rise.

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