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    tashi phuntsok
    Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012

    Dear Jamyang la,

    all of your articles (including this one) concerning CTA’s alleged role in RFA incident looks more like non-fiction novel rather than responsible (and investigative) journalistic pieces on this serious issue of allegation against CTA. Your articles (allegations), its responses and counter responses all argue over immaterial point of whether Sikyong really met Liu or not during those specific (disputed) time in London. Even if he had met her during that time, it does not prove any bit of allegation leveled against Sikyong (CTA) and Liu. The real issue (allegation by yourself) and question here is whether Sikyond (CTA) conspired with Liu in removing Ngapo from RFA ? To that crucial question, your articles do not at all provide any credible, sufficient and reasonable evidence or prove. Instead, your basic arguments and premise (in your pieces) all rests on fanciful and wild presumptions, which do not reflect any hint of responsible journalistic standards and reasonableness.

    Here are some of the evidences (your own writings in this article) of your wild and fanciful presumption of guilt of CTA and Liu:

    (1) “But Ms. Libby Liu of RFA appears to have ambitions of becoming the supreme boss of all the combined networks, and has been cultivating the friendship of important people to ensure her bid for the top position.”
    — How do you know (what evidence) of her ambitions.

    (2) “It is possible that Sikyong Lobsang Sangye made the first offer of access to the Dalai Lama to Libby and RFA.”
    — Where is the proof of that god damn offer, or is it your imagination.

    (3) “Of course just a single visit by His Holiness to RFA would not really serve Libby Liu’s plan to demonstrate to the BBG her closeness to the Dalai Lama. So more opportunities were created for her meet His Holiness in Dharamshala and various other places he was visiting.”
    — How do you know (what evidence) more opportunities were created (in this regard) for the ultimate purpose of realizing her (alleged) ambition to get top job in the RFA administration (as you suggested).

    (4) “Incidentaly in the sidelines Lobsang Sangay and Libby Liu appears to have had a meeting where Jigme Ngabo’s dismissal was discussed.”
    — Most serious presumption among all these wild allegations is this line or assertion, where you casually pronounced the guilt of both Sikyong (CTA) and Liu without giving any credible (expected) proof. Your entire thesis (or novel) is premised on this line, in which you only showed your proof as presumption (by using “appears to have …discussed”). What you really need to prove (when you are making such wild and serious allegations) is actual “Conspiracy” by those alleged parties in removing Ngabo and interfering in RFA matters. So, you are nowhere near that level of expected reasonable standard of proof, instead you connected dots with your own whimsical and fanciful, fictitious presumptions and imaginations.

    (5) “I think the best damage containment strategy we can implement right now is for the exile-parliament (sans Pempa Tsering) to conduct a full-dress investigation as I have suggested in a previous post, enough to satisfy all concerned so that we can put a tight lid on this mess.”
    — If you are managed to give or show at least expected reasonable evidence (prima facie) of such interference, you don’t need to demand investigation from ATPD, the exile-Parliament will themselves initiate such impartial enquiry.

    * But before all these, first, burden of proof is on YOU, who brought such serious allegations, to provide reasonable proof of such conspiracy. Equity demands that burden (though rebuttal) rests on those who allege certain things. Showing certain facts of their (sikyong and liu) meetings does not at all incriminate their guilt, you must know that.

    Tashi Phuntsok

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    ajo Che
    Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012

    I just hope this whole thing does not get out of hand, and tarnish Kundun’s name in any way or form. The sooner the mishmash is taken care of the better it is for all, and our endeavor for our just cause. I pray this does not turn into a RFAGATE.

    What else can I say right now. At this point I’m a little lost for words.

    Ajo Che

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    Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012

    At this point it is clear that there is an issue that needs to be handled. The best service we can do is seek clarification in a manner that is a democratic process. Jamyang la has asked for an investigation by Tibetan authorities in India that is impartial. I agree. We should request our representatives to follow up and give us answers. Tashi Phuntsok la, please send a request to Norbu Tsering la. I have done so to Tashi Namgyal la here in the USA.
    As much as we all can write our opinions in such forums, the best service is to do something about it. Action is what the martyrs have taken in Tibet and continue to do so. We need to follow it. I hope Jamyang la will continue to follow up and seek real action and not just write about it.
    As a media person myself sometime back, I can assure you there will be claims that certain things are done for ‘greater good’ and must be left unquestioned. In some ways it is correct. However, I think the worst in this case is that the initial allegations came to our notice from a Non-Tibetan politician. We cannot let such serious assumptions be ignored. Whoever comes out tainted at the end should be made liable, publicly. I intend to follow up with Chithue Tashi Namgyal la and hope those in Canada will do so with their representative.
    Pema Dhondup

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    poetic justice
    Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012

    Jamyang Norbu has become more of a nuisance these days. Is he running out of ideas to write? i used to love reading his ideas on randzen, Tibetan people’s bad romance with old habits and such.. but of late, he is turning into a cheap political commentator especially when there isn’t any (Tibetan) political angle in the first angle.. i hope he gets back to his glory days of writing or is he already past his heydays?? i am confused??

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    Tenzin Dechoe
    Wednesday, Dec 5, 2012

    People should know that Jamyang Norbu la has no personal issue with Sikyon or CTA. CTA should rather correct their political shortsightedness and invest their energies to chalk strategies to counter CCP, rather than giving any political concessions to CCP and gagging and silencing the people who advocates Rangzen.

    Lobsang Sangay, who claims to have trained his mind from Harvard, doesn’t he understand that CCP is play game with us.

    CTA should at once form and independent committee to probe into the matter, rather than writing and circulating letters of funny and unofficial nature.

    Though I am not an Rangzen supporter but I will definitely raise voice, if the rights of people are perched like this.

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    tenzin dolma
    Thursday, Dec 6, 2012

    Jamyang Norbula,
    It is quite disheartening to see where this whole issue seem to be leading.Implications drawn from your writing here is taking an unpleasant turn. By attaching HH’s presence from some ‘compassionate’ pics taken with Libby Liu and then reiterating it with some web-drawn hypothesis, not only are you on the verge of blasphemous profanity but some lines of your writing also wreaks of gender-rigidity. Without strong evidence about the involvement of some CTA personnel for the ousting of Ngapo, you are just stirring another hornet’s nest.

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