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    Wednesday, Nov 28, 2012

    Frankly speaking, unless thorough investigation is not undertaken, who knows who is the real bad apple behind the scene. In the best interest of everyone, investigation is a MUST.

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    Wednesday, Nov 28, 2012

    It is a great tragedy that Tibetans should undergo such suffering under the Chinese government, but, by far, the greatest tragedy is what their leadership is doing. The leadership is more attuned to the wishes of the Chinese government than its own people. We don’t have a democracy in its truer sense. What happened to RFA may come as a shock to many Tibetans, but for the discering among us this is nothing new. We have a leadership whose “middle way” is rammed down the throats of the Tibetan people through a very questionable process. Every time there is a special meeting in Dharamsala, we know that leadership would do something that would make China littler happier. History is a witness to what is happening now and future generations of Tibetans would scratch their head and ask “why?’. There are many people already asking this question. In the history of oppressed people everywhere in the world, our one is most tragic. Our tragedy is a total failure of our leadership–our tragedy is their dishonesty–our tragedy is they are not there to even symbolically stand with us in the street, protesting. Remember, Gandhi, Mandela and Ang Sang Shu Chi stood with the people and were prepared to pay the price. When a US Congressman questions the meddling of our leaders in RFA (funded by US taxpayers), they are not able to challenge the allegations. They are silent. They are silent even when they are accused of looting the fund meant for the betterment of the Tibetan people. Shame!

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      Thursday, Nov 29, 2012

      for your information, the allegation of interference in the affairs of RFA and the alleged misuse of funds have already been challenged and answered. Sikyong Lobsang Sangay’s response was posted on the tibet.net on 21st Nov and now the Tibetan Parliament in Exile (TPiE) has also posted a response letter on 28 Nov. welcoming any US agency to investigate the alleged misuse of Funds. I

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    Friday, Nov 30, 2012

    Well,well, well You did again. You managed to drag everyone from His Holiness, fromer Kalon Tripa, present syikyong etc..etc,to Kalden Lodoe. Who is he by the way, I never heard of him untill recently. He must be a very important person to be included among the most important personal our Tibetan Cummunity.He is gaining papularity by the days. Because of you guys he might win election and become —–
    In your only Ngapo Jigmey and Karma Zurkhang are the only two people you see eye to eye.Thanks for letting your readers know the people you are alined with.Great job, once again your try to break up our Unity. But I will asure you will fail again. I will not blame you for not understanding the real spirit of Tibetan people, as you are never trually lived as Tibetan.And you will understand true vission of His Holiness either.May be because you never achieve in your dream a fraction of what His Holiness done for us Tibetan and world.. You are the perfact spokes Person for CCP.You are saying everything CCP, You are dream come true for CCP.Congratulation.,

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