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    carlo buldrini
    Thursday, Aug 16, 2012

    Dear Maura Moynihan, you write: “But the only Tibetan community that the CTA and Mr. Sangay can directly influence is in exile”. This is the “original sin”.

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    carlo buldrini
    Friday, Aug 17, 2012

    I try to explain myself (with my broken English). You mention (and it seems you accept) the fact that CTA and “Mr” Sangay are “separated” from Tibetans in Tibet. And you suggest to formalize this separation. Another possibility is to bridge the gap. (And this is the only way to change things inside Tibet).

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    carlo buldrini
    Friday, Aug 17, 2012

    I have always appreciated the fact that Tibetans living in India are refusing to take Indian citizenship. In this “practical” world let’s leave some space to “ideals”. By doing so, Tibetans in exile are going to face difficulties. Sorry for that. But Tibetans in Tibet, for ideals, are burning themselves to death.

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    Monday, Aug 20, 2012

    Thank you for your informative research. I absolutely agree on most of your points.
    I thought the problems you have mentioned here are chained and interlinked.

    In Exile-No Permanent Residency Card-Opportunity Deprivation-Quest for West-Immigration Thug-Loss of Time
    Status quo of Permanent Residency has drawn so many arguments over the years, all within Tibetan community. There had been opinions about maintaining own identity by not accepting Indian citizenships, assuming applying for USA and Canadian citizenship would preserve Tibetan identity in exile. The most ironic and unfortunate fact is that those against permanent residence in India were among the first one to send their children abroad. However, the blame is not just on CTA previous and present officials. They, being the products of our own exile community, represent us and our thoughts. Even if Indian government were to issue permanent residence and Tibetan government were to implement the idea, we the people would still cling on “Quest for West”. We don’t seem to be sure about what we wish for. Perhaps we were endowed with the feeling of discontentment ever since we were chased out of our own land.
    In-spite of all these points, my contention is that we should urge Indian government for permanent residence, provided we will be allowed to maintain our own distinct identity and carry out struggle for Tibet. Tibetans in Nepal, of course, do not expect any leniency on Nepalese government approach and so citizenship is a distant question. If the Tibetans in Nepal with valid identity documents were to become eligible for Indian citizenship, like the Tibetans living in India, then this would undoubtedly be the second most sought destination after “Quest for West”.
    Though Tibetans in Nepal are the second most suppressed Tibetans after those in Tibet, a very little has been done for them. Nepal is no longer a friendly nation that it used to be when it’s ruled by the late king Birendra Bir Bikram Shah. A lot of things have changed since then; some good and some bad. Of course, Tibetans fall in the later one. But we can’t and shouldn’t complain much over this because there have been far worse and severe effects on Nepalese themselves. It’s understandable that CTA presence and attention in Nepal have decreased considerably. Neither do we (at least I) expect strong initiative from CTA in Nepal because that would attract stronger initiative from China to counter it. I would just wish Dr. Lobsang Sangya administration to continue supporting Tibetan students in Nepal for education, provide them job opportunities and put stronger vigilance on the corrupted Tibetan officials and those dealing with fake documents. I am hopeful that under his administration, CTA will reduce sending so called ‘experienced’ officials from Dharamsala to serve Tibetan offices in Nepal and instead provide opportunities to the Tibetans living in Nepal, without being biased to their backgrounds. I hope CTA educational database would one day show all the Tibetans who have graduated universities and have enough skills to lead, and put comma if not full stop to “Quest for West”.

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