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I Will Burn Myself Again and Again
On Behalf of Our heroic Self-Immolators

Saturday, Mar 24, 2012
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Translated by Om Gangthik — See Tibetan orginal

Are my grasslands still green?
Are my blue lakes still crystal clear?
Do my hills and streams still sing their melodious songs?
Great gods of Tibet,
Do you still see them in your vision?

Can all the bloody crimes of the world
Be burned and transformed by the heat of fire;

Who is sucking the blood and marrow from my body?
Who is erasing the bloody images on my chest?
Who dug up and desecrated my father’s grave?
Before my very eyes.
Who cut the life force from my mother’s tongue
How can I accept and tolerate all this?

This body of flesh cannot be lifted by the mind
This pain of the wounded heart cannot be endured anymore

Yesterday, the ancestral land of my dream destroyed by an army of bandits
Today, my precious mother made shamefully naked before my eyes
Tomorrow, my children’s brains and bones savagely scattered about
I cannot submit to this anymore

This inner conviction formed by my discrimination;
This path of life that discovered in my dream;
I wish to burn, thus, without regret.
This magnificent light, like a butter lamp, is ignited by the mind
This whole body, like an “Offering Bowl” desires to be sacrificed without remorse.

Brothers and sisters, old and young, who will live forever in my heart
Gods and Goddess illuminated by the conviction of my love and faith
Also the splendor of the immovable mountains and enduring rivers in my heart
All of you rise higher through my consciousness
All of you live longer through my aspirations

From now on, aim the bullets of the many thousand guns only at me
Inflict all the most painful beatings and tortures only on me
Furthermore, direct all your persecution and tyranny only on me
I offer you the full measure of my life forever
And I assume full responsibility for this commitment

From today, please treasure the custom and heritage of my lineage
Take care the of the purity of my land and environment
Respect the life force of my mother tongue
Give freedom to all my humble brothers and sisters

This Is my last testament written with my blood
Because of necessity it is my goal to burn myself forever
So let me accomplish this!
All the ability and power of the divine dwells in love and faith
All the discriminations of humans live in sorrow and happiness
Show your solidarity to my past
Be witness to my present, before my eyes.
Show concern tomorrow for the welfare of my family.

I am walking thus on the path of light, to becoming the living proof of truth
I am sacrificing myself thus on the face of actuality.

All my brothers and sisters, young and old, living in misery and sorrow
All people throughout the world who love freedom and peace
And to you tyrants of violence, oppression and torture.
What I want is lasting peace and freedom
What I am searching for is an existence of equality and caring
Until I accomplish this
I will burn myself again and again.

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