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Article Archive for Year 2011

Shameless Self-Promotion Dept.
Elliot Sperling  |  Monday, Apr 4, 2011  |  No Comment

The English version of my last post here, 圖伯特﹐Tibet 與命名的力量, is now online over at For Tibet, with love, the blog run by by Taiwan Xuan Gouzi 台湾悬钩子, aka Weimin Rose, who skillfully translated it …

Resolving the Dalai Lama Resignation Crisis
Jamyang Norbu  |  Tuesday, Mar 29, 2011  |  One Comment

In a media season dominated by stories of geriatric, lunatic and other sundry leaders-for-life (and family members) ignobly clinging to office like old chewing gum, the Dalai Lama stepping down from his position of (albeit …

The Wish fulfilling Jewel, the Mythical Sanghi, and the Smiling Sun
Tenpa Gashi  |  Saturday, Mar 26, 2011  |  No Comment
The Wish fulfilling Jewel, the Mythical Sanghi, and the Smiling Sun

The historic voting process has finally come to an end on both sides of the globe, if the globe can be divided into two that is. The turnout is guaranteed to be at least 70% …

Shapale’s rap
Web Chowkidar  |  Saturday, Mar 26, 2011  |  No Comment
Shapale’s rap

Tibetan Rap, Lhasa Street-Style

Ngaba monk immolates self to mark 3 years since bloody crackdown
Phayul's Editor  |  Thursday, Mar 17, 2011  |  No Comment
Ngaba monk immolates self to mark 3 years since bloody crackdown

By Kalsang Rinchen
Dharamsala, March 16 – A Tibetan monk of Kirti monastery in Amdo Ngaba is reportedly dead after he set himself ablaze at a market near his monastery, according to a reliable source with …

ཡོན་ཧོང་པེན། ༸པཎ་ཆེན་སྐུ་གོང་མ་བཀྲོངས་མཁན་ཧའོ་ཅིན་ཐའོ་རེད།
Shingza Rinpoche  |  Wednesday, Mar 16, 2011  |  No Comment
ཡོན་ཧོང་པེན། ༸པཎ་ཆེན་སྐུ་གོང་མ་བཀྲོངས་མཁན་ཧའོ་ཅིན་ཐའོ་རེད།

བོད་མིའི་རང་དབང་སྒེར་ལངས་གསུམ་བཅུའི་དུས་དྲན་ཐེངས་ ༥༢ པའི་མཛད་སྒོའི་ཐོག   ཡུལ་ཕྱོགས་འདྲ་མིན་ནས་སླེབས་པའི་རྒྱ་རིགས་དམངས་གཙོ་དོན་གཉེར་བ་ཁག་ཅིག་ཀྱང་མཉམ་ཞུགས་གནང་ཡོད་པ་ལྟར། 

The Dalai Lama Will Retire
Bhuchung D. Sonam  |  Wednesday, Mar 16, 2011  |  No Comment
The Dalai Lama Will Retire

Yeshi Tsomo is 74-years-old. When asked about His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s retirement from Tibetan politics her face melts into a pool of tears. This is the fundamental problem. Emotions of the Tibetan people, both …

2011 March for Tibet’s Independence
Web Chowkidar  |  Thursday, Mar 10, 2011  |  No Comment

FISHERS, Ind. – On this 52nd Anniversary of China’s illegal and brutal occupation of Tibet, the International Tibet Independence Movement (ITIM) announces it will once again lead a 90+ mile “March for Tibet’s Independence” beginning …

Elliot Sperling  |  Friday, Feb 25, 2011  |  No Comment

In the course of preparing a Chinese translation of the book Authenticating Tibet, edited by Anne-Marie Blondeau and Katia Buffetrille, the seemingly banal question of the Chinese name for Tibet turned out to be rather …

The Great Fall of China — 1
Bhuchung D. Sonam  |  Tuesday, Feb 22, 2011  |  No Comment
The Great Fall of China — 1

On 28 January 2011, the State Council Information Office and Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security of China issued the following notice to its people:
“For the disturbances in Egypt, media across the nation …