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Lhakar: Tibetan Grassroots Movement

Saturday, Sep 24, 2011
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We are happy to announce the launch of this 3-min video inspired by Lhakar, a homegrown Tibetan campaign that is mobilizing thousands of Tibetans around the idea of protecting our identity by practicing it. Through small daily and weekly acts of resistance such as buying from Tibetan shops, speaking in Tibetan, visiting the temple on Wednesdays, eating tsampa, wearing chuba, and assisting the families of political prisoners, Tibetans are strengthening their culture, society and local economies in subtle yet sustainable ways.

This video is an attempt at compiling just a few of the nonviolent tactics that Tibetans living under Chinese rule are using to defend their culture while expanding their social and political spheres of influence.

Make your Lhakar pledge at

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