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The Young King and the Sea

Thursday, Nov 25, 2010

I was sipping on a drink in Goa,
away from all the silliness,
wading in the warm ocean,
I was minding my own business.
Two fish swam up to me
moving with the ocean sway,
they took a long look at me
in their round fishy way.
There we stood awkwardly,
barely three yards away,
Me with my tequila,
them without their eyelids,
Until one nudged the other
like a provocative little brother:

“Who is the new king, Sir?”
Asked the one who looked like a goat
nervously clearing his throat.

“You speak!”
I squealed like a little girl
Half choking on my lemon twirl.

“Do you know the new king?”
He spoke slower this time,
his gills gestured like a Mime.

“Yes, I do,
I kind of sort of do,
well, we all do
in a tabloid sort of do,”

I said haltingly
eyeing my bottle suspiciously.

“Has he been a fisherman?”

“I don’t know what you mean,”

“Has he woken up at dawn?
Does his fingers have scars?
Has he cast a net
and watched it sink in the sea?”

“I cannot say that he has.”

“Has he unfurled a mast?
Has he felt the tug of the line?
Has he struggled with a life
slowly slipping in his hands?”

“I cannot say that he has.”

“Has he lanced a shark?
Has he laughed with the Dolphins?
Has he returned empty-handed
and watched his family cry?”

‘I cannot say that he has.’

“Then we welcome the new king,
Then surely we love our king,
god save the king,
Long live the king.”

And they splashed away merrily,
instead of being on a fancy dish,
leaving me feeling a little queer,
For having spoken with a fish.

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  • avatar Mila Rangzen says:

    gud one. the young king needs to serve one term kalon to gain the sea captain experience. and if he continues to screw with the direction fire LS before the boat sinks!

  • avatar Tenpa Gapshi says:

    One thing is strange about this. He showed foresight in planning his bid for KT by visiting many settlements and cultivated a good image for himself, but then he didn’t bother to at least serve as a nominal representative from North America. I mean, if he had done that, his experience factor wouldn’t be such a glaring eye sore. Beats me.

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