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To the People in the Affected Area as Well as Those Who Are Concerned About the Disaster
Open letter by the New School of Thought

Tuesday, Apr 27, 2010
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High Peaks Pure Earth has translated the following open letter to victims of the earthquake in Kham by the New School of Thought.

Early morning on April 14, 2010 at 7:49, an earthquake of 7.1 magnitude struck Kham Yushu County. According to the media, ten thousand are injured but under close scrutiny, the real number could exceed the announced number. At the same time, this earthquake severely affected Pelyul, Derge and Dzachukha counties in Kardze prefecture.

In fact, we peace-loving and in an inferior position (Tibetans) are not only shrouded by a great might, military force and brutality. This time a natural disaster has struck. Only by forcing oneself to endure, we should follow the teachings of our ancestors that heroes would not shed tears when crying bitterly and should stand up. Bearing in mind the teachings of our ancestors that everything is impermanent, we should wipe away the tears that have fallen on the cheek. We should also remember well the rule that the family members have to live on though the dead will not return any more.

No matter how far the fall, we have common flesh and blood that is joined and shared and can not be torn apart, nor can the character of our nationality be bought off, therefore, we who live in Xining, Qinghai province, several writers, express our condolences and sympathy with the Yushu brothers and sisters affected by the disaster, offer our condolences to the dead and are pooling funds and furthermore are preparing to visit the affected areas personally as soon as possible. However, as the news from the mouthpiece for the Party organisations can not be believed, we dare not believe in the Party organisations. The Party organisation ordered to temporarily suspend sending people to the disaster area for political purposes. For this reason, we in faraway Xining out of concern for you and your suffering send you this letter, apart from this, there is nothing else we can do. This is also heartfelt and sincere!

In summary, we have a reminder or statement, hope all scholars and cadres empathise with the people of disaster areas to offer food, clothing and medicine! However, do not send your donations to the accounts of a certain organisation or a certain group as if you were paying taxes. The best thing to do is to send somebody one can fully trust to send one’s contributions. Because, who can say that there is no corruption or the bad habit of arrogating to oneself.

Carrying the pain and feeling helpless residents of Xining:

Jamyang Kyi (Well known singer, social commentator)

Tagyal (Well known Tibetan scholar, leader of the New School of Thought)

Lhamo Kyab (Well known bilingual scholar, one of the leaders of the New School of Thought)

Tabo (University Professor, one of the leaders of the New School of Thought)

Sangdhor (Well known young Tibetan scholar and core member of the New School of Thought)

Sangay Dhondup (Well known young Tibetan scholar)

Menla Kyab (Well known artist)

Mayche (Well known young scholar)

* * *

Chinese version available on

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