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Horsemen of Kyigudo

Tuesday, Apr 27, 2010

In mid-summer when the grasslands are covered with red blue and yellow wildflowers nomads from all over the region, some as far away as Nagchu come together for a major annual gathering, the famous Horse Festival held annually at Kyigudo on the 25th of July. This event can perhaps be best described as a happy fusion of multiple picnics, a week-long party, community dancing, religious observation, informal beauty parade, and an exciting horse festival, where the men (all dressed to the nines) show off their sensational equestrian skills.

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  • avatar Tenpa Gapshi says:

    wonderful pictures!! I love them.

  • avatar tibetanvideoproject says:

    tibetanvideoproject’s Channel-4TibetanFreedom&SocialJustice

    IN this video you will meet Tibetans who have traveled from all over the region for the annual festival and horse races in the summer of 2005.This vast plain, once known for the festival and celebrated horse races, was used in 2010 to provide temporary shelter for survivors of the devastating earthquake.

    From: tibetanvideoproject|first publised Apr16,2010|6,173 views

    COMMENT: 11/15/2011

    TVP:A Response to “Beautiful China:Brand New Yushu/Brand New Home @ Chinese Civilization
    Kyigudo (Yushu Ch)has now suffered a second deadly quake-but this one was not an act of nature; but rather, it was caused by human design!

    A year and half later, China has constructed a modern day Chinese city following a policy aimed at annihilating Tibetan identity and way of life.

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