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My triple political mantra

Thursday, Apr 15, 2010
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Who am I?
I asked myself
Searched for my roots,
And traced my Identity.
Tibetan, a noble descendant.
There were times
When we reigned in the clouds
Beyond the horizon we lost.

Where am I?
India, an alien soil.
On borrowed time
Till I get to my home,
For the path is frozen
By the coldness of tyranny
and the passes speak
in the tone of gun and rifles
I dare not go home.

Why am I here?
Not my parents’ wish
Or poverty took me here
But my home is razed
In the name of Liberation.
For those who spoke the Truth
were strangled in the dark
And the rest silenced.
I am here to voice
The story of a Truth
Being colored by Lies
And find my way back to home.

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