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Friday, Apr 9, 2010
One Comment

Cruel is the Eastern tempest that storms
And the windy weather reigns for years,
Ruthless the unrelenting hailstones
That destroys our crops of dreams.

The wintry wind chills my bones
And its sneaky gusts freeze my soul.
The melody of the rivers went silent;
As the beauty of the Snow Land arrested.

Since our Rangzen was abducted
The land was robbed and raped
My people under torture and torment
Exiled in Diaspora.

Amidst the hail of bullets and blows.
I bid adieu to Potala in tears and terror
To my beloved Palace so near and dear,
When my home was ransacked and raided.

If Rangzen is the hope of mankind
Why should my people starve?
For tyranny gives birth to tragedy
And deception stoops to enmity.

Rangzen, the hope of Snow-Landers;
The Roof of the World
From centuries ere the Black 1959.

* * *

This poem was awarded the third prize at the sixth edition of the International Poetry Prize Castello di Duino, Italy, March 2010.

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  • avatar tibgal says:

    Finally got to read it, didn’t know this was out already, thought we have to wait a little longer :)Thanks for sharing! Black 1959, wish it had never strucked on the people of Tibet. Life without RANGZEN is terrible, Lets all strive to work for RANGZEN!!!

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