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Tibetan PM in exile says Tibet issue internal affair of China

Saturday, Mar 14, 2009
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Dharamsala, March 13 (ANI): Prime Minister of the Tibetan government in exile, Samdhong Rinpoche, has welcomed Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s offer of holding more talks with envoys for the Dalai Lama. Earlier Wen Jiabao accused Western countries of exploiting the Dalai Lama, who is described as a political exile rather than a religious figure. Samdhong Rinpoche said the comments were not true.

[on Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's offer of holding more talks] “This is something which we need to welcome, and we are always ready to send His Holiness’ envoys at any time, and we have already given our aspirations sign in writing in the last round of dialogue in November last year. Now, there is a set agenda. So, no problem to discuss with them.”

[on Wen Jiabao accusing Western countries of exploiting the Dalai Lama] “If there is any truth, they should establish with evidences. As far as the Tibet issue is concerned, we have nothing to do with Western countries. We consider this is an internal matter of the People’s Republic of China, and if the People’s Republic of China is willing to deal with us as an internal matter, we are absolutely ready.

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