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Monday, Sep 1, 2008
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Ashoka2001, India, Santosh Sivan

Prince Ashoka, heir to the Magadha Kingdom, bowing to his mother’s demand forsakes his princely status and goes to live in the wild for awhile. There he meets and falls in love with Kaurwaki. He identifies himself as Pawan, not wanting to disclose his identity yet. Ashoka has to return to Magadha, but when he returns to find and wed Kaurwaki, he is told by Bheema that Kaurwaki and her brother Arya have been killed. Devastated Ashoka returns home. On the way home he is attacked and Devi, of the Buddhist faith rescues him and tends to him till he gets well. As a result, Devi’s marriage to her groom is cancelled. Ashoke weds her and brings her to Magadha, only to be told by his father that since Devi is not of the same race as he, she cannot be welcomed. Ashoka leaves with Devi and lives in Ujjaini. Soon Devi gets pregnant, and this arouses jealously and hatred amongst Ashoke’s step-brothers. As a result they plot to kill Devi, however, their plans are foiled by Ashoka’s mother, who is killed. Ashoka swears to avenge his mother’s death by killing his step-brothers one by one, except for one, who has led to Kalinga. Ashoka asks the ruler of Kalings to turn over his step-brother to him, and they refuse. Ashoka swears to raze Kalinga to the ground. Ashoka is unstoppable. Even his close friend, Virat, too, is unable to stop Ashoka. Ashoka proceeds to war, little knowing that the queen of Kalinga is none other than Kaurwaki, who is still alive.

For more details, see tt0249371 on The Internet Movie Database.

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