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Jamyang Norbu Race for Tibet 08

Tuesday, Apr 22, 2008
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On April 8, 2008, Team Tibet organized a mass mobilization of Tibet supporters from all over the US in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thousands gathered at the SF United Nations Plaza to protest the Beijing Olympics Torch Relay through San Francisco, the only stop for the Olympic Torch Relay in North America. The 08 Torch Relay has been met with massive protests in cities and countries all over the world including Greece, London, Paris, Japan, South Korea, and others. China plans to take the Olympic Torch Relay through Lhasa, Tibet, where the Chinese Government continues to torture hundreds of political prisoners, mostly monks and nuns whose only “crime” was to shout “Free Tibet.” The recent crackdown in Tibet that began on March 14th has resulted in the deaths of over 140 Tibetans and the imprisonment or disappearance of over 1000 Tibetans. China’s brutal actions against peaceful demonstrators was in direct violation of China’s promise to improve the human rights situation in Tibet before the start of the Beijing Olympics.

Award Winning Tibetan Writer Jamyang Norbu, who is a recognized contributor to journal High Asia Contemporary Writings on Tibet, the Himalayas Central Asia and Mongolia spoke at the SF rally about China’s brutal occupation of Tibet and the need for supporters to take action. One world—one dream—Free Tibet. Stop the Olympic Torch Relay through Tibet—tell China Tibet belongs to Tibetans.

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