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Article Archive for Year 2007

The Challenge of Rangzen
Mathieu Vernerey  |  Thursday, Dec 27, 2007  |  No Comment

(Editorial, Alternative Tibetaine n°2, 2007)
In “Rangzen Charter” (1999), Jamyang Norbu spoke about the “first step” of a pro-independence movement: “Before any effective discussion on strategy or organisation for the Freedom Struggle can take place it …

Four Humble Truths
Lhasang Tsering  |  Wednesday, Dec 26, 2007  |  No Comment
Four Humble Truths

For a long time I have believed in a set of principles that I have called My Four Humble Truths. Over the years I have spoken about my Four Humble Truths to many people; but …

Three Tibetan MPs interviewed about democratic process in exile
Mathieu Vernerey  |  Monday, Dec 24, 2007  |  No Comment

Interviews of Karma Yeshi, Karma Choephel and Penpa Tsering.
Following interviews have been realised and published by Alternative Tibetaine (Tibetan Alternative, n °2, 2007), a French-language review completely devoted to the Tibetan issue. These interviews deal with …

A Lesson from Our Burmese Brothers and Sisters
Ketsun Lobsang Dondup  |  Wednesday, Sep 26, 2007  |  No Comment

“I extend my support and solidarity with the recent peaceful movement for democracy in Burma. I fully support their call for freedom and democracy and take this opportunity to appeal to freedom-loving people all over …

China’s India PR guy
Tenzing Sonam  |  Saturday, Sep 1, 2007  |  No Comment
China’s India PR guy

In the early days of the Russian Revolution, starry-eyed Western sympathisers made a beeline for Moscow to report on the glories of the ‘Soviet paradise’. Lenin memorably referred to them as ‘useful idiots’, and exploited …

Conference for an Independent Tibet
Web Chowkidar  |  Monday, Jun 25, 2007  |  No Comment
Conference for an Independent Tibet

June 23-24, 2007, New Delhi
Key Speakers
Rajiv Vora, Jamyang Norbu, Vijay Crishna, Lhasang Tsering, Iqbal Hadi Rizvi, Raghav Mittal, Radha Bhatt, Tenzin Tsundue, Vijay Kranti, Claude Arpi, Lawrence Liang, Niru Vora, Phuntsok Wangchuk
Conference website
The Conference …

International Forum for a Free Tibet
Web Chowkidar  |  Saturday, Jun 2, 2007  |  No Comment

May 26, 2007, Turin, Italy
This Forum was held by the Campagna di Solidarieta con il Popolo Tibetano (CSPT) in collaboration with Tibet Culture House, Tibet Destination Rangzen and Alternative Tibetaine (France), and it was sponsored …

Eight Tibet Activists Released And Deported From China As Global Protests Mark 2008 Olympics Countdown
Students for a Free Tibet  |  Sunday, Apr 8, 2007  |  No Comment
Eight Tibet Activists Released And Deported From China As Global Protests Mark 2008 Olympics Countdown

Hong Kong – As the one-year countdown celebrations for the 2008 Olympics came to a close in Beijing, eight Tibetan independence activists were deported to Hong Kong. Six of the activists had been …

Until the last Tibetan
Tenzing Sonam  |  Sunday, Apr 1, 2007  |  No Comment

The Tibet movement has stalled, partially because there is little understanding of how it will continue after the Dalai Lama’s passing. While those who disagree with the Middle Way approach are not necessarily looking to …

Looking Back From Nangpa-La
Jamyang Norbu  |  Saturday, Jan 27, 2007  |  No Comment
Looking Back From Nangpa-La

In 1994 when I was the editor of the Tibetan language paper Mangtso, an informant from Solokhumbu sent me a photograph of a Tibetan man, an escapee, who had died somewhere on the Nepalese side …