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Bungled Bombing
Letter to the Editor

Monday, Jun 14, 1999
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Chinese Embassy in BelgradeThe rage of the Chinese at the NATO bombing of their embassy in Belgrade [17 May 1999], in contrast to their seeming resignation to the greater carnage and tyranny of their own leaders, brought to mind an observation of this century’s greatest Chinese writer, Lu Xun:

Of course, whether we are massacred by our own people, or we are massacred by foreigners, does not amount to exactly the same thing. Thus for instance, if a man slaps his own face, he will not feel insulted, whereas if someone else slaps him, he will feel angry. However, when a man is so cretinous that he can slap his own face, he fully deserves to be slapped by any passerby.

Time Magazine, 14 June 1999

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